We believe that housing should be more about community than commodity.  Through innovations in design, construction and business we are dedicated to helping people progress out of homelessness and into stable living situations.

a happy self builder standing in front of a partially built wooden frame house wearing a safety helmet wearing a black t-shirt
self builder marking out and measuring a piece of partially constructed timber framework.

Build to Grow offers people who are in housing need the chance to live in a community situation and draw upon the support of their peers.  Adapting the Tiny Home philosophy - so successful in some parts of the USA,  we provide "pop-up" communities on inner city gap sites providing an extra step between homelessness and tenancy.

Work experience, life skills and social integration are central to the solutions we provide. By tackling the hidden causes rather than treating the symptoms, Build to Grow aims to give people the tools to prevent themselves from ever being homeless again.